Semax 5mg + 3ml bac

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The Semax peptide is a modified snippet (a small segment of) of a hormone called Adrenocorticotropic Hormone, ACTH.

Hormones are oftentimes a collection of bound-up amino acids, the specific amino acids and the order of the amino acid sequence determines the activity of that hormone.

Semax uses only 4 of the 39 amino acids found in the ACTH peptide (called a peptide and not a protein due to the canonical nomenclature of < 50 amino acids defining a peptide).

It’s a new Russian nootropic researched by the Institute of Molecular Genetics Russian Academy of Sciences, with the intention of taking all the neurologically beneficial consequences of administering the ACTH hormone, but without the negative hormonal effects that are not as sustainable as the good, neurologically health-promoting results.

They used a combination of trial and error, and special analysis techniques to infer which amino acids were responsible for the brain-growth effects, and found the shortest working sequence in the 39 amino acid long hormone, which was the first step in inventing the peptide drug Semax.

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Semax Dosage: How To Use Semax

The rat brain and human studies have huge variability in the doses used in action.

For some, it is 500 mcg in humans for treatment of ischemic stroke and brain damage.

It is undeniable that it has a huge therapeutic window/dosage range.

The Semax dosage depends on the form of it.

The acetyl version is commonly used between 100 and 900 mcg.

The acetyl-amidate (referred to as NASA) version is commonly used between 200 and 900 mcg.

The original version is used between 50 mcg and 3 mg.

The original, unmodified version has commercial vials that provide 50 mcg drops, and some take a single drop and notice effects.

Who knows how that’s possible…

I have used NASA plenty in my time and I do notice that less is more looking back at my Semax experience.

Semax Side-Effects

Some report hair loss. This is thought to be due to BDNF accelerating hair follicle growth.

If you have a chronic nervous system condition, then it could mean that Semax interacts negatively with it.

One individual with bipolar reported negative side effects from using Semax.

Side effects are generally very rare, but Semax’ mechanism of action is not fully understood yet.

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Semax 5mg + 3ml bac


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