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S23 60x10MG

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standard recommended cycle length is 8 weeks, and this should then be followed up with at least 4 weeks – but up to 8 weeks of PCT.

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S23 is classed as an investigational SARM which means it is still in the research phase. It is being studied to possibly be used as a male contraception drug. Like all SARMs, S23 works by binding to specific androgen receptors.

In the case of S23, due to its aim of acting as a contraceptive in men, it will bring about a suppression of sperm production, with animal studies showing that once S23 stops being taken this returns to normal. S23 is used for gaining lean muscle mass, for increasing strength, boosting stamina and endurance, increasing bone mineral density and bone strength, and for fat loss.

With this vast set of benefits, S23 suits not just bodybuilders, but just about anyone wanting to see great improvements in growth, physique shaping and performance enhancement.

S23 can be taken orally and is thought to have high bioavailability; this means an oral administration is fine and there’s no need to consider injecting this compound in an attempt to get greater results.

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