Peptide Guide: A summary of peptides, what they are, what they do and dosage guides



To put it simple tb500 is a healing
peptide, it is a naturally occurring peptide that releases into your body when
it gets injured.

Some of the benefits tb500 will
provide is:

recovery from painful wounds

healing of crippling injuries

reduction of chronic inflammation

immune system

tissue around the body and heart


Pain relief

Dosage for TB500 is generally 2-4mg
twice a week




BPC-157 is a healing and regeneration
peptide. It is known to heal stomach linings and problems, joints and bones,
organs and even brain regeneration.

Some of the benefits BPC-157 will
provide is:

recovery post-surgery for joint, bones and ligaments

Recovery of
stomach ulcers, digestive issues and intestine problems

Bone repair
and tissue protection

regeneration and neuron damage prevention

Dosage for BPC-157 is generally
maximum 2mcg per kg of body weight so a 100kg person would ideally inject no
more than 200mcg per day.




GHK-cu is a tripeptide found in
plasma, it has a copper component, which is very important for overall


Using GHK-Cu as an injectable
peptide therapy can be widely beneficial for the user, and may promote wound
healing and tissue renewal, reduce inflammation, encourage nerve regeneration,
and DNA repair activity in cells. 

GHK-Cu is among one of the most
studied peptides, and it has been confidently established that it has
the ability to: 


• Tighten loose skin and reverse thinning of aged skin
• Repair protective skin barrier proteins
• Improve skin firmness, elasticity, and clarity
• Reduce fine lines, depth of wrinkles, and improve structure of aged skin
• Smooth rough skin
• Reduce photo damage, mottled hyperpigmentation, skin spots and lesions
• Improve overall skin appearance
• Stimulate wound healing
• Protect skin cells from UV radiation
• Reduce inflammation and free radical damage
• Increase hair growth and thickness, enlarge hair follicle size


Dosage for GHK-cu is 100-200mcg per





GDF-8 is a myostatin inhibitor for
muscle and growth development. By blocking myostatin this peptide is able to
regenerate and rebuild bone and muscle.


Dosage for this peptide is 250mcg
every 5 days for 25days. Similar to follistatin 344 the injection sites can be
quiet painful.




Aicar is a peptide that blocks enzyme’s
that accelerates stimulation of glucose uptake and increases protein kinases in
skeletal muscle tissue. These two functions allow for more energy conversion,
which helps burn fat and also sustain output for activity. In simple terms this
peptide increase endurance and energy for exercise and athletic performance.

The recommended dosage for AICAR is
10-100mg per day




Semax was originally used as a
medication for the prevention and treatment of circulatory disorders such as
strokes. Semax is a nootropic or cognitive enhancer drug.


Some benefits of Semax are:

brain BDNF levels

breakdown of enkephalins

the nervous system from oxidative damage

the expression of certain genes related to the immune and vascular system

Dosage for Semax is 300-600mcg every
day for 10-14 days, have a similar length break and run again after a 10-14 day


Melototan 2


The popular Mt2 peptide, most of you
will know this one as the tanning peptide. It activates the MC1 receptor that
controls the melanin in the skin. Mt2 also boosts the immune system, stops you
from burning, increases sex drive (spontaneous erections) and burns fat.


Dosage for Mt2 is usually 300-500mcg
every day for 5 days then 250-300mcg twice a week or even once a week until
colour is achieved.



Human menopausal gonadotropin (hmg)
is a fertility hormone used by woman trying to conceive. It is also used by men
to increase the production of testosterone. The hormones in hmg: FSH and LH act
on the testes via the puritry gland. After a cycle of steroids these hormones
are suppressed, hmg will help restore the body back to its original state.


Recommended dosage for hmg is
generally 75ui daily while on cycle. Another method is 75ui twice a week or even
25ui three times a week. It all really depends on what you want to use it for.




Human chorionic gonadotropin is a
protein hormone that is produced in the placenta. HCG works similar to HMG as
it increases FSH and LH levels.

HCG is used after a steroid cycle,
the dose will depend on a couple of factors

How long
your cycle was

How harsh
you cycle was

If your cycle was quiet advanced using high doses of testosterone and
other compounds then your HCG doses would need to be high. Around 1000ui a day
for 10 days should suffice before running pct.

If your cycle was only small then 500ui for ten days should suffice.

If your cycle was long then you should ideally run HCG for around 20
days at 500-1000iu a day. Proestrogen can increase so be aware of potential
gyno side effects. If this happens you can lower your dose.



PT-141 is commonly known as Bremelanotide. It is used to treat sexual
dysfunction in men and woman by activating the hormone lordosis (the hormone
that sends a signal to the body to prepare it for sex). It will also work a
little like melototan 2 as it is a derivative from that peptide.


Dosge for PT-141 is 1.75mg for both male and female an hour before
sexual activity. You should not dose more than once in 24 hours and no more
than 8 times in one month. 


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