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Although Swolebay is fairly new to the scene it has been growing fast after it was launched in February 2020 because it was built on the foundations and knowledge gained from building and managing ever growing and thriving specialist Steroid information groups on multiple platforms along with 16+ years of selling Steroids and HGH across Dark web markets, WickR, KIK and Telegram.

Swolebay is supported by the “Steroids Australia” group on Telegram which is our official community. This group gives you a direct channel to get to know us and most of the vendors, plus ask questions, find info, share knowledge and get to know over 400 like minded members.

Scroll down for our group link. Please feel free to jump in and say hello and get involved!

Our Community 1

Swolebay community Telegram Group Link: https://t.me/steroidsaustralia

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