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Welcome to the SwoleBay Influencer program created for Fitness space Influencers, Bloggers and Forum Owners!

We know SwoleBay almost steps on the toes of the forums as they were the go to websites to find Vendors but as things evolve, if you’re not along for the ride you get left behind which is not what we want for anyone involved in this space. 

We see value in what the forums are doing and would like to offer forum owners an opportunity to take advantage of what we are doing and help drive the value it will bring to the steroid space.

We have created an “Influencer program” which essentially gives Influencers a link to our platform they can post and share which tracks activity via their link.  We can then pay them an ongoing commission for all activity created via their link.

Payable activities:

  1. Vendor registration. Forum owners will be paid 40% per vendor paid membership generated by their link.
  2. 40% of the site sales fee for ongoing sales from the Vendors who joined via their link from any customer via or not via their link.
  3. 25% of the site sales fee for all sales made by customers who joined via their link.




Which forum do you own/admin and your username or where do you have your biggest influence. Ignore this if you're a Swolebay Vendor

Please add your Bitcoin wallet address if you want to be paid in BTC

Please add your Bitcoin Cash wallet address if you want to be paid in BCH


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